The Team

Ryan Finnegan (EQuip Hub Content Provider & System Administrator)

The EQuip Hub will help Christians to grow in personal discipleship, ministry and mission by providing a central hub for resources, tools, and learning for discipleship, ministry and mission in the Church and the world. I am hugely excited about this project as it is something which will make a real difference to those serving throughout the Diocese as well as those looking to grow in their own personal faith.

Gareth Fitzpatrick (Need-oriented Outreach)

The term ‘Need Oriented Outreach’ sounds pretty technical, even daunting! But the good news is it is something that we can all do! To do need oriented outreach successfully we need to ask questions that give us a better insight into the needs of the people that we are trying to engage with. By asking these questions we gain a greater understanding of the people we are trying to engage with and we can meet their needs effectively. When we do this the church reflects the light of Jesus as we minister to our communities.


Lisa Holt (Passionate Spirituality and Inspiring Worship)

Lisa has moved onto to a new role. So this role is currently vacant.

Matt Jermyn (Effective Structures)

As Christians we’re called to love God with everything we have and love our neighbours as ourselves.  We also need to comply with legislation about data protection, PCCs, APCMs, faculties…etc! What excites me about the effective structures role is finding ways to lighten the admin burden, so that people are free to do what they’re passionate about.



Anna Naish (Holistic Small Groups and Loving Relationships) 

I have been blessed to find real belonging and support in times of difficulty and in joy in a variety of different churches. Personally, my faith has grown most in a small group where I felt valued and loved where everyone was able to share honestly about their lives and relationship with God. This has created a passion to develop church and small group relationships with depth and purpose to love one another and share their lives together.

Jen Stewart (Empowering Leadership and Gift-based Ministry)

It’s a privilege to journey with individuals as they develop and grow in confidence and skills, taking on new challenges and conquering fears. I am passionate about seeing potential in people and empowering them to step out in new ways. As someone who didn’t start out viewing herself as a ‘leader’, I have greatly valued the support and encouragement of others in my own development. In this role I aim to support people across the Diocese to be investing in, equipping and encouraging one another to step into their calling from God and learn to use the gifts God has given them for his Kingdom.


Katherine Walakira (Discipleship and Mission Development Adviser and Team Leader) – maternity leave

I am passionate about seeing people draw closer to God through their personal learning journey as a disciple, and being able to understand and live out their faith in everyday life.  I lead the team of learning mentors and the development of a key component of the project, the EQuip Hub (watch this space!)

Katie Wilson (Resourcing the Vision)

I’ve always been heavily involved in volunteering in my local community and church. When a local charity I was chairing needed funds, I went on some training for grant writing and discovered I had a natural talent and enjoyment for grant applications. When we were later awarded £10,000 I felt like I had personally gained the money! I now enjoy helping churches understand the importance of regular teaching about money and encouraging a congregation of generous people, generous with their time, talents and money.