The Project

The Diocese of Coventry seeks to “Worship God, make new disciples and transform communities.” The Serving Christ Project follows this by supporting the amazing work churches are already doing to encounter God, worship God, grow in friendship and share the Good News.

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In the past few years, there have been increasing calls for support with training lay people in parishes. This was especially heard in the Rural Consultations conducted locally. In response to this need, the Diocese of Coventry put together a bid to launch the Serving Christ project to invest in and encourage church members in our Diocese to grow in their faith and discipleship. The bid was successful in receiving the majority of its funding from The Church Commissioners.

The team consists of 6 Learning Mentors who will be offering support in a number of different ways, depending on the context. This might look like:

  • Running training sessions
  • Mentoring individual lay people within the church
  • Researching and creating resources
  • Sharing good practice around the diocese

Each Learning Mentor has a different speciality. These relate to the 8 Essential Qualities from the Natural Church Development principles for healthy growing churches. One of the mentors is focussed on how to resource the vision in churches. They will all be looking to help individuals to develop these qualities in their own lives, in addition to developing them in churches.

More information can be found about Healthy Growing Churches and NCD on the Diocese Website and the NCD Website.