“Christian Stewardship is a way of life in which we regard ourselves and our possessions as a trust from God to be used in His service, for what He has done for us in Jesus Christ.”   

Regular giving

We all really appreciate regular giving through standing orders or the envelopes in the offertory; however, this method is time consuming.

The simplest and most efficient method of regular giving is the Parish Giving Scheme. By joining PGS your church receives your regular giving and the administrative burden is carried by the Scheme and not by anyone in your church. To find out more, go to The Parish Giving Scheme

One-off or irregular giving

Cash is the easiest method of giving when regular giving isn’t an option; but cash is becoming less used by the younger generation of donors

To enable more effective giving, we all need to consider enabling newer methods of giving. The Church of England’s Parish Buying Scheme has negotiated some very reasonably-priced contracts for using contactless devices in our churches. To find out more about getting a card payment device, contact Katie Wilson at who can help you choose the best option for your church.


The Church of England’s legacy website  has resources to help Parochial Church Councils agree a simple policy on using legacies and to help them promote legacy giving, including a PCC discussion leaflet and sample leaflets for distribution in the parish. It also carries advice on how to begin the process of making a will in consultation with a solicitor.

Get in touch

Katie Wilson is the  Learning Mentor for Resourcing the Vision. Please get in touch to discuss anything regarding stewardship and generosity in your church.