Receiving Online Donations

Guidance for Parishes

Although regular giving is the bedrock of support for most churches, one-off donations are a
very useful additional supplement to this.

Enabling people to donate online can really increase the amount your church can raise for
specific appeals and one off events. Online giving and mobile phone giving are generally
additional ways to give, not substitutes for regular giving to your church. Your regular givers
should continue to give in their usual way, whether that is by standing order / direct debit or
by envelope (preferably the former as it is quicker, cheaper and more secure).

Donors may wish to give online over and above their regular giving however; for example, to
specific appeals or to mark special occasions. Digital giving can also help attract donations
from people who do not normally give; for example, people who do not usually attend church
services, people who are attending a wedding or concert or other one-off event, tourists,
people moved by a special appeal etc.

A great resource for comparing the different providers can be found on the Parish Resources Website