A Journey of Generosity

The Journey of Generosity is a day-long retreat for planned givers to take the next step and explore generosity as part of their discipleship.

The programme resources churches who already teach stewardship regularly, but would benefit from more deeply exploring biblical generosity and living ‘the life that is truly life’ (1 Tim 6:19).


Life is a journey that is not meant to be travelled alone. A Journey of Generosity retreat reflects this shared journey. We find a comfortable setting and explore God’s Word, watch stories of other inspirational givers, enjoy a meal together, and ask God’s Spirit to show us how to use the money that He’s entrusted to us.

We don’t lecture, we discuss. We don’t fill out spreadsheets or financial plans; we work to discern God’s will. We strive to understand and offer wise support at the right times. We listen a lot as we learn together to think faithfully and biblically.

Most people who want to talk about money are after something: your money. Where can people gather without fear to discuss how money shapes our hearts? Our gatherings happen in a place of trust. We are privately funded by a group of Christian givers. We will never ask you for money. We simply want to share the joy that we find in generosity in the hope that you will taste it too.

If you would be interested in hosting a Journey of Generosity with your church, small group or friends, please get in touch with Katie.wilson@covcofe.org