Holistic Small Groups

What are they?

Any group that is small is a small group. So a Bible study group, the PCC, the toddler group team and the music group are all small groups.

The small groups with the biggest impact have elements of growing in faith, in relationship with each other and reaching out the people around them. How would that look in your small group?

Talk to Anna about energising your small group, training and equipping small group leaders and discovering great resources to disciple each other.

Meeting during coronavirus restrictions

Often the image we have of a small group is a small group of people sat together sharing refreshments, chatting, studying and praying together (or some combination of those).

Since we were asked to remain at home that image has not been true. There was a period of sudden change as groups stopped meeting and looked for new ways to be together. But that doesn’t mean we need to hunker down in survival mode. This is a real opportunity to grow as individuals and as a group.

Below are links to help you explore different areas of your small group at this time

Ways to meet

A chance to reflect on how you are meeting and whether it is working for you.

Where can we grow?

There are lots of things you could do, but where does God want you to focus?

Leading and Logistics

Leading, organising, restructuring your group takes energy. Here are some simple considerations to make space for everyone.

Connecting with God

How can we use this time to find new ways of deepening our faith?

Connecting with each other

How can you encourage, challenge and support each other without being together?

Connecting with people around us

How can small groups be a light to their communities without visiting?

More articles on small groups

Below are some links to help you reflect on where your small group is and where it might be heading:


Things to Think About

Helping us to reflect on how fellowship, faith and outreach do and should influence the shape of our small groups. And, within our groups, what are the shared expectations that help support these areas.


Starting Small Groups

A starting point to help you think about key ways you can launch small groups in your church. There's also helpful resources to enable you to think about the shape and expectations of your groups.