Holding a good remote PCC meeting

Running a PCC meeting through the internet can add extra challenges.  These are five ideas to help remote meetings go smoothly:


Decide which system you’ll use and make sure it works for everyone, before the meeting.  Meetings are much better if everyone can see everyone else, but you don’t want to spend half an hour of everyone’s time helping one person join in.  Send out joining instructions well in advance (but don’t make them public!).


Take time to connect with each other and to pray.  If you’re looking at a screen with several faces staring back at you, there’s a natural temptation to get on with the meeting.  Taking some time to worship, pray and talk to one another is hugely valuable.


Remember only one person can speak at once.  While this is always true, it’s essential when video calling as two people speaking at the same time is simply noise.


Avoid distractions.  While other people are talking about the finance report, there could be a temptation to mute yourself and get on with something else; resist it, because the meeting will be better if everyone remains focused.


Have patience if things don’t go quite to plan.  Not everyone has an ideal (child-free) space in their house to be undisturbed or is totally comfortable talking to a tablet.  

If you’re going to hold a remote meeting, please also read the advice on the correct legal procedures to follow from the Diocesan Registrar.

 I hope those are helpful!  Is there anything you’d add?  Please share!

Image by Werner Sidler from Pixabay

Matt Jermyn
Learning Mentor for Effective Structures.