Fun ideas for video calls

If you haven’t tried a video call for your small group, it’s worth giving it a go. The first time it can take a while to get everyone there with their video and sound on. But if you treat each other gently and with much laughter you will find that although it’s not the same as sitting in the same room it is good to see each other’s faces as you talk.

Whether the idea of video small groups is new or something that has become the new normal, it can be far broader than just conversation. Here are a few creative ways to build relationships and have fun on your video calls.

Do let us know how they go or if you have any ideas to add.

Scavenger Hunt

Can you find…

a candle? a pet? a toilet roll? something yellow? the biggest thing you can bring to the screen? the funniest face?

The challenge is set and people leave their screens to find the best answer they can. The winner is the best, funniest or most creative.

Tips and ideas:

  • Have one person calling all the questions or rotate and the winner chooses the next thing
  • Throw in some questions that people won’t find easily but can be creative/funny.
  • Have a time limit so you don’t lose someone for too long.

A Quiz

This does rely on honesty, because each screen is a team and they will mark their own answers.

The Quizmaster arrived with the questions ready to go. The teams bring their own paper, pens and snacks of choice. The prize is a hearty congratulations from the other teams.

Tips and ideas:

  • Mute everyone during the actual questions, otherwise they will whisper their answers for everyone.
  • Try a PowerPoint with the questions written on and share your screens.
  • If you have a music or sound round, test it first to make sure people can hear it.
  • If you have the option of ‘breakout rooms’ you can create bigger teams.

‘Master’ Classes

Does someone have a skill or talent in the group? Join together to learn something new. You could discover the best scone recipe, how to grow tomatoes from seeds or to how to make an origami frog.

Tips and ideas:

  • Make sure you send out the ingredient/equipment list well in advance.
  • The leader needs to make sure their camera fits in what they are doing so people can see.
  • Do this in addition to a normal group so people don’t feel they have to attend.

Guess who

Everyone write a character/famous person/Bible character/object and keeps it a secret.

Whoever is ‘on’ turns around, someone else shows their paper so everyone else can see it. They hide it and whoever is ‘on’ turns back. They can then ask yes/no questions until they guess it or run out of questions.

Tips and ideas:

  • Choose a category before writing choices.
  • Have a limit of questions or time.
  • An alternative is you write your person down and you take in turns to find out who each other wrote.


Screen sharing will be needed but there are plenty of apps you can try or just use Youtube to pull up your favourite songs and give it a go.

Tips and ideas:

  • Do not take yourselves or each other too seriously.
  • The best songs are the ones you all know.

Other ideas

  • Play charades: Act out your person/book/word for others to guess.
  • Pictionary: Draw your word/action/object.
  • 2 truths and a lie: share 2 truths and a lie and people guess which is the lie.
  •  Some board games you could play together. E.g. if everyone has a dice and 1 person moves the pieces on the board. If you all own a board game, is there a way of playing together?

Tips and ideas:

  • If people are acting/drawing/guessing there are a few options. Ask people to come up with their own idea. The person leading emails everyone individually a few to choose from at the beginning and stay quiet during. People are texted during the game (perhaps by the previous winner) and the texter doesn’t participate.
  • There are also online games websites that can be used on video calls. These sometimes need a second device to play on.
Anna Naish
Learning Mentor for Loving Relationships and Holistic Small Groups.