Do you have a passion to see those around you come to know Jesus? If so I want to tell you about an exciting new initiative launching in 2020 called, Advance.

Advance groups will take place across the diocese (once a month over a one-year period). The aim of the group is to identify and equip those with a passion for evangelism. It will be a year of growth, encouragement and building friendships with like-minded people so we can be more effective in reaching people with the good news of Jesus.

The group will consist of 5-12 people, who will meet once a month over a one-year period. It will be a year of growth, encouragement and building friendships with like-minded people.

Course outline

  • Session 1: Welcome to Advance
  • Session 2: The Identity of the Evangelist
  • Session 3: The Message of the evangelist
  • Session 4: The Task of the Evangelist
  • Session 5: The Power of the Evangelist
  • Session 6: The Devotion of the Evangelist
  • Session 7: The Submission of the Evangelist
  • Session 8: The Character of the Evangelist
  • Session 9: The Opportunity of the Evangelist
  • Session 10: The Commitment of the Evangelist
  • Session 11: The Inspiration of the Evangelist
  • Session 12: Day Retreat

The ethos of this group is based around 5 key principals:

  1. Regular Meeting – We will meet monthly over a 12 month period.
  2. Sharpening – Commitment to studying the bible
  3. Accountability – Honest self-evaluation (questionnaires, group discussion)
  4. Communication – keeping each other up to date, prayer requests sharing resources & ideas via WhatsApp group
  5. Multiplication – a commitment to explore the idea of starting a fresh advance group in the future.

Current Groups running:

Advance: Coventry  – St John the Baptist Church, Westwood. Every third Saturday of the month.

Coming soon!

Advance: Rugby
Advance: Nuneaton

If you would like to take part or simply find out more information please get in touch with Gareth Fitzpatrick: Learning mentor for Need Oriented Outreach and Evangelism:

Gareth Fitzpatrick
Learning Mentor for Need-oriented Outreach.