Where can we grow?

What are the building blocks of your small group…where is it strong and where does it need strengthening?

All small groups have real strengths to celebrate and all small groups are able to grow. It may be those areas are the same now as they were two months ago, it may be that different ones have appeared. 

It is very likely that they fit into these areas:

  • Connecting with God
  • Connecting with each other
  • Connecting with the people around us
  • Leading and logistics

So pray and talk as a group about how you can grow together during this time.  If you aren’t sure how to do this, here is a simple way of starting the conversation.

Where are we now?

The first thing is the work out where you are now. This is best done in conversation with each other. Talk about strengths and areas for growth in each of the four areas.

What is our group doing well? How are we celebrating it?

For each of these share the positives and ask/look for the gaps.

  • Are we encouraging one another in this?
  • Are we challenging each other in this?
  • Are we sharing beyond our group?
  • Does it affect our daily life?

What are our priorities?

The number of things that were raised do not show how well your group is doing. Neither is it a ‘to do list’ of things to fix. It is a list of opportunities, but not all at once. Adding in lots of new things for different reasons is likely to overwhelm people and they will fizzle out. So it’s about choosing one or two key areas to focus on.

Which of the four areas do we most need to develop?

Which of our opportunities would most impact on…

  • The members of the group?
  • Their daily life?
  • The other areas?

What now?

It really can be as simple as adding ‘Where have you seen God at work this week?’ It can challenge, inspire and encourage us to seek God in the mundane, in the difficult situations and in the joys of daily life. It can transform how people connect with God in every area of their life. This question doesn’t take planning but is intentional in asking it and in how people think about their week.

Your ideas can be simple, creative, new or well known. Come up with your own ideas or find ideas that people are already using (see below for ideas in each area)

Once you’ve got your ideas, think about which will have the most impact for your group and choose two or three to try. And then give them a go!

Ideas to spark your imagination in each area

Connecting with God

How can we use this time to find new ways of deepening our faith?

Connecting with each other

How can you encourage, challenge and support each other without being together?

Connecting with people around us

How can small groups be a light to their communities without visiting?

Leading and Logistics

Leading, organising, restructuring your group takes energy. Here are some simple considerations to make space for everyone.