Pause and Reflect

Whether you are about to start a small group or whether your small group has been running for 50 years (or anywhere in between), taking time to reflect is important.

If you are about to start a small group these will help as you plan the structure and shape of your guide, but also give you ideas of conversations to have in the early weeks with the whole group.

If your small group has been running a while, its a good way of stopping and reflecting as leaders and as a whole group on what you do and why you do it.


Shared Expectations

What is confidential? What am I expected to contribute? When will the holidays be? What if I can rarely come?

arnold-leung-753953-unsplash small

Worship and Faith

How do we grow in faith? How do we help each other connect with God? How do we challenge each other to grow?



Do we need food? What if there isn't space? How do we show love to each other?



How does our love overflow from our group?