The Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is now used by more than half the dioceses of the Church of England to handle the regular bank giving of church members. The scheme offers donors a highly efficient, friendly service and ensures that their chosen church not only promptly receives the whole of their donation but also the gift aid on their gift. This reduces the workload of church treasurers.

PGS offers significant benefits compared to other forms of giving:

  • It enables people to give by direct debit, which is easier to reconcile than standing orders or cash donations
  • Gift aid is automatically processed every month, saving you considerable time and improving cash flow
  • Adopting the scheme as part of a generous giving strategy often leads to an increase in giving
  • Givers can choose to automatically increase their giving by the rate of inflation every year if they wish. This tackles the problem of ‘static giving’, where people’s giving ordinarily remains the same year on year, while the costs of the church rise continually due to inflation.
  • Givers can choose to give anonymously, if they would like to.

If your church would like to register for the Parish Giving Scheme, your first step is to fill in this registration form and return to Katie Wilson at the address below along with a blank paying in slip to confirm your payment details.

Katie Wilson, PGS registration form, c/o Serving Christ Team, Cathedral & Diocesan Offices, 1 Hill Top, Coventry CV1 5AB

Once you have registered, the main contact will receive a welcome email from the Parish Giving Scheme with a unique PGS code. Once you have this code, please contact Katie on to be resourced with individual welcome packs and direct debit forms for all your givers.

Extra resources you may find useful:

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