Things to think about

A holistic small group is far more than just a Bible study or just a cup of tea. It can be those things, but it can be so much more. The three key areas of a small group are fellowship, worship and outreach. If a small group is practising all three then it becomes incredibly effective at supporting and encouraging people in their daily walk with God through times of ease and times of trial.

Below are a few resources to help us think about those three areas and also to start us thinking about what we expect from one another within our small group.


Fellowship and Relationships

How do we welcome? How do we develop relationships? Why is food important?



How does the love we receive spill into our wider lives?

arnold-leung-753953-unsplash small

Worship and faith

How can we connect with God in different ways? Where do we need to be challenged?


Shared Expectations

Confidentiality, commitment, roles and holidays. Have we thought about them?