Holistic Small Groups

A Small Group is any church group which is small, defined by its size rather than its function. So it can include bible study groups but also groups like the PCC, the Mothers Union, the fabric committee etc, any group that is small! In Holistic Small Groups the 8 qualities are in evidence: loving relationships; passionate spirituality; effective structures; empowering leadership etc; members are enabled to use their spiritual gifts and the prayer is a reality, whatever the function of the group.  

Talk to Anna about energising your small group, training and equipping small group leaders and discovering great resources to disciple each other.

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Below are some links to help you reflect on where your small group is and where it might be heading:


Things to Think About

Helping us to reflect on how fellowship, faith and outreach do and should influence the shape of our small groups. And, within our groups, what are the shared expectations that help support these areas.


Starting Small Groups

A starting point to help you think about key ways you can launch small groups in your church. There's also helpful resources to enable you to think about the shape and expectations of your groups.