Connecting with people around us

Connecting with the people around us means our neighbours, our work colleagues, our families and the people we see each day and beyond to people we will never meet. It is about having the courage to speak about your faith, but it is also about being kind, generous and loving to those people.

We cannot meet up with people in the same way, but with everyone at home there are real opportunities to support the people around us in different ways.


  • What are you already doing?
  • How can you support one another?
  • What do the people around you need?
  • What can you do? 

Ideas to spark your imagination

As a group:

  • Be intentional in encouraging and challenging each other in doing things together and in their own things.
  • Relate what you (and each other) are doing for God and his call to love our neighbours.
  • Talk about it. Recognise what you are doing for God and help others to recognise what they are doing. Pray for each other.
  • Do a study series about outreach for now and/or for when we can see people again, it might be talking about faith, living out faith or both. Examples: Talking Jesus, Fruitfulness on the Frontline.
  • Plan ahead. Pray and think about what you can do as the current measures are slowly lifted. Put together some ideas and plans so you can be there for your community more long term.

Our immediate neighbours:

  • Join events that your community is already doing. Examples: NHS clap, being available for shopping and help to those isolating, on your community facebook page.
  • 5 either side – Each member prays for the five families either side. Perhaps even drop a note through their door with your name and mobile number so you can get to know them better and offer help. Pray for them even if they don’t reply. Pray for each other and ask how each other’s neighbours are doing.
  • Street WhatsApp – Invite your neighbours into a street WhatsApp, you can chat, help each other out, stay connected or become connected. Perhaps even organise a video social.
  • Do a chalk ‘exercise trail’ from your house along the path. Examples: a wiggly line to follow, stars to jump to, a hopscotch, encouragements along the way. 

Our extended neighbours:

  • Support the Foodbank by adding a few items to your trolley (check how to drop off in your area)
  • Support a charity or work that is happening locally, nationally or in another country. Don’t forget to pray for the work they are doing as well.
  • Run a social event and open it up to others. They may be other people from church, work friends, friends, neighbours etc. They do not have to live close. Use ideas that are easy for people to be a part of like games and quizzes.
  • Prayer walks. Take your daily exercise past houses of people that you know and pray for them as you pass.