Connecting with God

Connecting with God in a small group is about being able to worship together, learn together and share honestly about your faith. It is also about encouraging and challenging each other to connect with God in the time you are not in small group. 

Right now, it is not about recreating what we used to do but finding ways we can do it now. That may mean we do some things differently and it is an opportunity to find new ways of meeting with God together and through the week.


  • How do each of you connect with God?
  • What helps you grow in faith?
  • How is God calling you to grow together?
  • How can you be creative together?

Ideas to spark your own

Talk to each other

  • Encourage, support and challenge each other in your faith journeys.
  • Each session everyone is asked a question. You may keep the question the same or change it depending on your group. Examples: Where is God right now? How has God helped you this week? What are you thankful to God for? How did the last session affect your week?
  • Make it common practice to ask about God when people are sharing. When someone is sharing a difficulty, ask how you can pray, if they can they see God in this, where they need God’s guidance etc.
  • End the meeting with ‘How will this impact your week?’
  • Online and phone meetings often feel less personal because people are not physically there. But, it also means some people feel safer to share in more depth. Do not be afraid of asking each other these deeper questions about their faith.

Worship together

  • Choose a study session that relates to your current circumstances and/or will be helpful for the future. If it is video based you could watch it before meeting. Ideas: The Prayer Course, Whole Life Worship, Lifting the Lid (mental health)
  • Sing together, say the Lord’s Prayer, psalms etc. together. You can mute people to see interaction but without voices at different times, if that’s helpful.
  • If your church has an online service, say hello as you ‘arrive’, perhaps share something that stood out afterwards. Reminding each other you are worshipping together.
  • Take turns to lead. Preparing a session means thinking more deeply, a rest from leading means you can receive from others and a variety of voices show the value in one another.
  • Use creative prayer. Ask people to have the resources ready for the prayer time (make sure they are simple and people are likely to have them) Examples: lighting a candle to represent people who are ill/family/they miss. Paper and a pen to draw and write their prayers. Strips of paper for thank you’s/joys that can be kept and joined together when it is safe to gather.

Encourage faith in daily life

  • Get involved with Thy Kingdom Come (21st – 31st May). Click here for more information.
  • Touch base with each other through the week, as a group and as individuals, be open to talking about faith.
  • Between sessions send a question or thought from the last session’s material.
  • Create a Spotify playlist of worship songs you can all play during the week, get everyone involved in choosing them and add to them.
  • Send a verse or thought each the day on a group WhatsApp. You may have one person doing it or alternate between a few of you.
  • Prayer walks. Pray for the people on the streets you walk, for the things you see and the things God brings to mind. Share with each other.
  • Get involved with Open Heaven as we walk and pray for all our streets. Click here for more details.